Auditory-Verbal International, Inc. 2003 International Conference

“Sounds of the City”
Thursday July 17 – Saturday July 19th, 2003

Renaissance Harborplace Hotel
Inner Harbor
Baltimore, MD, USA

Featuring Inspirational Speaker, Recent Cochlear Implant Recipient and Former Miss America, Heather Whitestone McCallum, and a Scientific Symposium Including Leading Cochlear Implant Surgeons and Scientists.
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Call for Papers
Submission Deadline: February 15, 2003

Presentation Proposal Form
PDF File

Submission Information
Please complete the Presentation Proposal Form, an abstract of the presentation and a brief, 50- to 60-word version of the abstract as you would like it to appear in the Conference Program. The abstract MUST contain a brief overview of the presentation, recommendations or findings, an outline, learning outcomes, method of presentation; instructional level of the presentation; and list of technical terms/vocabulary. Submit to the AVI offices an original plus four copies, as well as a computer disk (Microsoft Word), of the following no later than February 15, 2003: 1) brief biographical sketch for all presenters of the program, including all current affiliations; 2) abstract of the presentation; and 3) brief, 50- to 60-word version of the abstract as you would like it to appear in the Conference Program. Additionally, you must submit four copies of the Presentation Proposal form on the opposite page. Please carefully note that submissions must meet the foregoing requirements for consideration by the Program Committee.

Program Committee
All proposals meeting the prerequisites for consideration as set forth above will be considered by the Program Committee. Abstract selection will be based on the following criteria: overall relevance to the members of AVI, practical applications, method of presentation, timeliness and interest in the topic. The Program Committee seeks a relatively balanced program – that is, topics of interest to its diverse membership, which includes family members of children and adults who are deaf and hard of hearing, Cert.AVTs, educators and educational administrators, other professionals, deaf and hard of hearing adults, professionals interested in pursuing certification in Auditory-Verbal Therapy, advocates, physicians, and caregivers of children and adults who are hard of hearing. AVI, as a part of its Adult Initiative, seeks proposals regarding services available for adults seeking Auditory-Verbal Therapy services (see Adult Initiative information on page 15).

Continuing Education Units
AVI seeks to have all presentations eligible for CEU units. Accordingly, the goals and objectives, as well as the learning outcomes, must be clearly stated in your proposal. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact the AVI office.

Responsibilities if Presentation Selected
Those selected to present at the Conference will be notified in writing or by e-mail no later than April 1, 2003. Presenters attending the Conference are asked to pay their own travel, hotel, and registration fees. Conference attendees benefit greatly from handouts, which also present an excellent opportunity for Conference presenters to expand their professional and personal contacts. Thus, presenters are strongly encouraged to furnish handouts. Presenters are responsible for copying and distributing a summary overview of their presentation and any other handouts. One copy must be sent to the AVI office as well no later than May 30, 2003. If you do not wish to personally carry copies to the meeting site, you may elect to make your copies in Baltimore. Each meeting room will be furnished with a podium and podium microphone. For each presentation, AVI will furnish up to two pieces of additional audiovisual equipment per presentation, with the exception of an LCD projector. If you anticipate that you will require an LCD projector, AVI encourages you to furnish your own. If you do not have access to an LCD projector, AVI will attempt to provide one for you but cannot guarantee one will be available for your use. All requests for equipment after April 30, 2003, or onsite will be charged to the presenter requesting the equipment.

Program Instructional Levels
AVI is seeking a wide array of subjects at a variety of instructional levels. We hope that many of the Conference participants are attending their first AVI International Conference and that many are familiar with Auditory-Verbal Therapy and are seeking new or more advanced information. Thus, one must indicate, both in the abstract and on the Presentation Proposal Form, the instructional level of the presentation.

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