Deaf and hearing impaired children

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LISTEN’s program supports Auditory-Verbal therapy which follows somevery
basic important steps, beginning with:

Early detection of a child’s hearing loss.
Early fitting of appropriate hearing aids and/or a cochlear implant. 
The use of modern technology is a crucial tool to enable a child to experience sound.
Individualized auditory-verbal therapy.  Auditory-Verbal involves a therapist, one-to-one with a child and parent or care-giver.  The therapist teaches the child and parents to develop listening, speech and spoken language based on normal stages of development which results in spoken communication.
Total family involvement.   From participation in therapy sessions to working with a child at home, the constant love and support and commitment of the family are essential in helping a child participate fully in a hearing world.
Mainstreaming.   Mainstreaming, to the fullest extent possible and with appropriate support services, is encouraged.  This includes social, vocational and educational mainstreaming into the hearing world.

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