The Auricle Online

Access to the on-line Auricle requires just a few simple steps. Connect to The Auricle electronic copy at the following web address:

Before you can begin to access the on-line Auricle you must register as a New User. Click the “Click Here to Register” button at the bottom of the screen. You will be prompted to create a Login Name and Password (Please note both are case sensitve and that the password may consist of 3 – 8 numbers and letters). While you may select anything you like as a Login Name you will have to provide the e-mail address you have on file with the AVI office as only AVI members may access The Auricle.

Once you have created the User Name and Password you may use them at any time to access The Auricle online! Simply type this address into your browser and then enter your login name and password
in the fields provided and click the gray Login button.

Viewing The Auricle on-line requires a program to translate the file into a visible image. This program is called “Adobe Reader” and it is standard on most computers but is also available for free on the Internet, just download Adobe Reader from

That’s it! You may read the The Auricle on your computer screen, download each of the pages you select or print to view an entire hardcopy.

Your email address in the Auricle members database may not be current or AVI does not have your email on file?To login you must have an email address that matches the one in the Auricle database. If you email address is not in the Auricle database, please contact AVI to update your contact information.

Should you have any questions regarding this process or difficulty connecting please contact [email protected].

Thank you and enjoy The Auricle on-line!

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