Two New AVI Publications

AVI is pleased to announce the availability of two new publications: The Power of Hearing: The Story of Daniel Ling and Topics in Auditory-Verbal Therapy.

Created by AVI members Eli and Elaine Tal-El, The Power of Hearing is a 53-minute video about the life and work of Daniel Ling. Recently recognized at the Houston Film Festival (see item on page 31), the film examines the life and achievements of Ling, particularly his work all over the world to improve the lives of children with hearing impairment. Screened at AVI’s Biennial International Conference in Denver last summer, the work is a must-have for all Auditory-Verbal families and professionals. It pays fitting tribute to the man who is widely regarded as the “Father of Spoken Language.” Produced by Tal-El Productions of Israel, the video is currently available exclusively through AVI.

Topics in Auditory-Verbal Therapy: A Series of Handouts, by Pamela Talbot, Cert.AVT, represents the culmination of a decade of wisdom and experience in the field. Talbot, who studied with the late Auditory-Verbal pioneer Helen Hulick Beebe, created these handouts while working with families and giving presentations and training. Creative, well-organized, and highly useful, the work includes sections such as “The Basics,” “Hearing Issues,” “Common Traps,” “Natural Language,” “Therapy,” and “School Issues.” Topics in Auditory-Verbal Therapy is 76 pages in length and is appropriate for Auditory-Verbal parents and professionals. Already proving extremely popular, this publication is available exclusively through AVI.

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