Integration Task Forces from AG Bell and AVI Update

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Dear Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapists and AVI Membership:

During the weekend of January 8 & 9 of 2005, an Integration Task Forces from AG Bell and AVI met in Washington D.C. to continue to investigate whether a possible integration of AVI and AG Bell should be recommended to the Boards of our respective organizations. A list of attendees is listed below.

We had a great meeting and are in the process of preparing a recommendation to the boards of the two organizations. The substance of the recommendations was unanimously endorsed by the attendees. The Board of Directors of the two organizations will vote on the recommendations at their April board meetings.

Because the Boards of the organizations are the only bodies empowered to act, and they must have an opportunity to review the recommendations, it would be premature to share with you the substance of the recommendations.

We will keep you updated regarding any other developments.

Thank you.


Credentialing Governance & Structure
Don Goldberg Inez Janger
Lilian Flores-Beltran Steve Rech
Chellie Lisenby Harrison Bubb
Judith Simser Bruce Goldstein
Marsha Dworkin Ken Levinson
Gayla Hutsel Kathleen Sussman
Dan Salvucci Teresa Caraway
Kathleen Treni Todd Houston
Gerald Rosen (Facilitator) Chellie Lisenby
Gary Stern (Facilitator)

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