Cert.AVT Dimity Dornan Named Queensland Australian of the Year

Cert.AVT and AVI Board member

Dimity Dornan has been selected as Queensland, Australian of the Year for her work helping children who are deaf and hard of hearing learn to listen and speak.

Founder of the Hear and Say Centre, an Auditory-Verbal Therapy center based in Brisbane, Australia, speech pathologist Dornan is in the running for Australian of the Year, which will be announced on Australia Day, January 26, 2003, by Prime Minister John Howard.

Upon receipt of the award, Dornan said, “Teaching young deaf children to listen and to speak is the most exciting thing I have ever done.” The Hear and Say Centre, founded by Dornan in 1992, boasts five clinics with 123 children throughout the enormous Queensland province. In extensive press throughout Australia, Dornan spotlighted Auditory-Verbal International and a fundamental principle of the Auditory-Verbal approach: the importance of newborn hearing screening and intervention

Auditory-Verbal International extends to Cert.AVT Dimity Dornan its best wishes on this singular, and richly deserved, honor.

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