AVLI Releases Listen Little Star Family Activity Kit

The Auditory-Verbal Learning Institute (AVLI) recently released Listen Little Star, a family-friendly A-V listening program that helps parents to nurture their baby�s listening skills and to develop a strong foundation for spoken language. The development of Listen Little Star was made possible by generous support from The Patricia Sullivan Foundation.

Each kit includes 12 parent�child activities that build auditory skills, a caregiver workbook, note-taking sections to document the baby�s progress, and a toy star to use with the activities.

Listen Little Star was designed with infants with hearing impairment from birth to 6 months in mind, but beginning listeners up to 12 months can benefit from the program, including hearing babies. It was developed by Dimity Dornan, Ba.Sp. Th., Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist�. She is the founder and clinical director of the Hear and Say Centre, a non-profit Auditory-Verbal center that operates five locations throughout Queensland, Australia.

AVLI expects Listen Little Star to be one of its most popular products. The program was previewed at the 2003 AVI conference in Baltimore, MD, and attendee response was overwhelmingly positive, with many people placing pre-orders before the conference ended.

In the next few weeks, AVLI will also release Volume I of The Ling Series, an interactive CD-ROM-based presentation of Daniel Ling�s seminar on A-V practice, which was delivered in Ottawa, Canada, in 2002.

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