AVLI to Offer Quality Distance Education Products

The Auditory-Verbal Learning Institute (AVLI), affiliated with Auditory-Verbal International (AVI), is the newly established continuing education arm of The Bolesta Center, Inc., a not-for-profit organization based in Tampa, Florida, USA, devoted to teaching and promoting Auditory-Verbal Therapy for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

AVLI�s mission is to develop and disseminate cost-effective, Auditory-Verbal educational tools in the form of interactive CD-ROMs, videos, family kits, and books all over the world. These products are designed to help both family members and professionals learn about the Auditory-Verbal approach and its techniques, and enhance the therapy’s effectiveness. All products are sold through AVLI’s e-commerce store at www.avli.org. AVLI’s first CD-ROM-based courseware for professionals featuring Auditory-Verbal luminaries is expected to be available in late January 2003.

Products currently distributed through AVLI include the AVI/Learning to Listen Foundation publication 50 FAQs about A-VT, edited by Warren Estabrooks, and Cochlear Implants: A Handbook, edited by Bonnie Poitras Tucker.

To ensure that AVLI products reflect cutting-edge research and best practices in the field of Auditory-Verbal Therapy, AVLI and AVI are working closely together to develop AVLI products. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to expand the availability of Auditory-Verbal Therapy worldwide.

The need for AVLI was identified during The Bolesta Center’s participation in the Denali Initiative, a program dedicated to accelerating and maximizing the effectiveness of social entrepreneurs. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Denali program hand-selects top-tier leaders from community-based, not-for-profit organizations across the United States and helps them to launch social enterprises that make a positive, measurable impact in a cost-effective way. AVI Board member and Bolesta Center Executive Director Chellie Lisenby was chosen from among many candidates for the prestigious Denali Scholarship. The Denali program’s goals are to improve the quality of life in communities across the globe and to promote a standard of excellence in the social sector.

AVI is delighted to be affiliated with this important initiative with a global impact. The Auricle will feature continuing updates regarding the products and activities of AVLI in future issues. For more information about AVLI, please visit www.avli.org.

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